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About AL Lighting

An American Dream Come True

The company you see before you now, was started from humble beginnings in 1976 with Harold Altman wiring pre-formed fluorescent fixture housings in the small rental space of a Brooklyn, New York metal shop.

Inspired by his father’s hard work, in 1991, Harold’s son Glenn set up what would then become the company’s second location, a small metal making shop in an industrial park on Long Island, New York. This shop made it possible for Harold and Glenn to become more independent and allowed them to ensure the quality of their product by fabricating their own fluorescent fixture housings.

The father and son’s commitment to their trade was apparent and their reputation for producing quality products began to grow. Harold then realized the need to expand his business in order to better serve his customers. He purchased his first building in Brooklyn, hired a small crew and purchased enough machinery to become a complete fluorescent and incandescent fixture fabricator.

For several years, father and son worked hard side by side to grow their business and serve their customers. Even while commuting back and forth together between their Brooklyn and Long Island shops they would discuss their commitment to producing the best quality products. Their work together ended prematurely with Harold’s untimely death in 1995.

Glenn would not let his father’s dream end though. Driven by Harold’s commitment to hard work and quality, he moved the company to Medford, New York where AL Lighting Ltd. has continued to earn its’ reputation as a high quality custom fixture manufacturer for the past 15 years using the highest technological materials and equipment.

Harold Altman never got to see the company that AL Lighting Ltd. has grown to become, however, we all know that he would be proud of how his son Glenn was able to carry the torch and grow the business based upon the same commitment to quality that Harold showed while starting out in the rental space in Brooklyn, New York so many years ago.

For all that he was, all we do here at AL Lighting Ltd. is dedicated to Harold’s memory as we celebrate our 35th anniversary doing business.

Harold altman

Harold Altman