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Frequently Asked Questions

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Lamp Installation

Whether T5, T8 or T12 Fluorescent, AL Lighting LTD provides the highest quality of rotating locking sockets on all our fixtures. Listed below are common causes for fluorescent fixture failure.

  1. Always turn power off before removing or installing lamp pins and socket contact. Some ballasts have internal designs that will detect an open circuit and automatically shut down. After lamp installation, turn power back on in order to restart ballast.
  2. Make certain lamps are firmly seated into sockets. Most fixtures have sockets that can be adjusted in and out by one simple set screw.
  3. When installing the lamp into the socket, make certain the lamp is rotated 90 degrees and the lamps lock into place. Failure to do so could create arcing between lamps and sockets causing excessive heating and possible destruction of ballast and lamp.


all dimming systems must be compatible. If assistance is required, please consult our technical team to choose what is right for your project.

Troubleshooting dimming issues:

  1. Fixture must be grounded properly.
  2. Lead wires should not exceed 7 feet for remote ballast application.
  3. Proper dimmer control must be used and wired correctly.
  4. Lamps should be burned in for 20 hours (Mfg. states 100 hours) before dimming. Contact lamp manufacturer for more details.
  5. Lamps should make good contact with sockets. Refer to lamp installation guide.
  6. Proper voltage must be provided.
  7. Proper ventilation is necessary for ballast. See label for temperature ratings.
  8. Lamp type & wattage must comply with ballast.
  9. All wires entering ballast should use 18 guage solid copper wire stripped 3/8" as stated on ballast.
  10. Using a continuity tester as well as a visual check, make sure the dim hot and the hot leg is not reversed from the dimmer control to the ballast.