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Color Corrective Sleeves

Enhances Fluorescent Lamp Colors to a Softer Illumination

If you would like the soft, flattering color of an incandescent lamp, but are looking for an energy efficient application, try our color corrective sleeve when used in combination with a fluorescent lamp.

Fluorescent lamps are energy efficient and provide an abundance of light, however, the harness of the illumination which ophthalmologists agree causes vision impairment and eyestrain can be reduced when a color corrective sleeve is used. Our sleeves simply slide over an existing lamp and are precut to sizes of 4 foot and 5 foot. If a smaller lamp is being used, a common sharp pair of scissors can adapt one 4 foot into two 2 foot by just cutting it in half in the center.

Considering the low cost of our sleeves, a fluorescent lamp can change the illumination of a store, display or office to an appealing warm color similar to an incandescent lamp and avoid the costly expense of purchasing new fixtures.

In addition, we also have a half density 180° baffled sleeve which allows you to focus to a directional point, just by rotating the sleeve. Ideal for shelving and pinpoint displays.

Advantages of a color corrective sleeve:

  • No need to change out fluorescent lamps to achieve more desirable lighting
  • Fluorescent lamps are energy efficient
  • Sleeves are low cost
  • Available in T5, T8 and T12 sizes
  • Appealing colors
  • Sleeves last indefinitel
  • Easier to the eye with less eye strain
  • More productive environment
  • Two tones available—Half density and full density
  • Will withstand the heat of high output lamps
T-5 *F35 OR F80 56 ½”
  *F28 OR F54 44 11/16”
  F21 OR F39 32 7/8”
  F14 OR F24 21 1/8”
  F13 19 13/16”
  F8 10 13/16”
  F6 7 7/8”
  F4 4 7/8”
T-8 *F96 T-8 92 13/16”
  F72 T-8 68 5/8”
  *F40 T-8 58 5/8”
  *F32 T-8 46 ¾”
  F25 T-8 34 ¾”
  F17 T-8 22 ¾”
  F15 T-8 16 11/16”
  F14 T-8 13 ¾”
T-12 *F96 92 13/16”
  F72 68 5/8”
  F60 60 ¾”
  *F40 46 ¾”
  F30 34 ¾”
  F20 22 ¾”
  F15 16 11/16”
  F14 13 ¾”

The wattages with the asterisk (*) come precut to size. All other wattages are derived by cutting to a required size. Cut filters are not returnable.